The Premier Supplier of Electrical Contacts
 and Refurbished Switches


Refurbishing GOAB switches
saves money
while being environmentally friendly

  • Save up to 50% of the cost of a new switch

  • Save time and payroll dollars by eliminating costly “fit up” problems

  • Older copper or bronze switches can easily be refurbished and will operate like new
    when placed back in service

  • Eliminates costly disposal

  • Refurbishing saves the environment

  • Saves the resources required to build a new switch


We can help you get the “hot spots” out with our comprehensive switch refurbishment program. Not only can we fix your switches but we can also help you with bearings and operators which often go overlooked in the maintenance process. Southern Switch & Contacts delivers:

  • Quick turnaround

  • Significant costs savings

    • No need to modify the support structure

    • Save engineering time

  • Outstanding workmanship

  • After-sale support

 We’ll stay in touch with your maintenance staff
 to insure your switches are working properly

We can also work with you to bring the switches in your graveyard back to life.

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