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Stop Leak Adapters
Now Available!!!

Southern Switch & Contacts Part # SSC-250

Most oil pumps used for cooling transformer fluid have a tendency to leak around the receptacle. Fixing this oil leak requires replacing the receptacle, resulting in an outage of the affected unit. Besides creating potential environmental issues, the leak repair can cut into maintenance budgets.

But, by using our specially designed Stop Leak Adapter, this scenario can be avoided. Unplug the receptacle from the power cord, screw in the adapter, and plug the power cord back in.
Just like that …. back in business.

  • Leak fixed in less than 2 minutes!

  • Great savings in outage time and money!

We also supply new and refurbished parts and complete kits for circuit breakers, transformer load tap changers, regulators, reclosers, and air-break disconnect switches. A majority of breakers and LTCs are in stock.

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